Máy lọc nước điện giải ion kiềm Excel

máy lọc nước ion kiềm có tác dụng gì - Máy lọc nước ion kiềm

máy lọc nước ion kiềm có tác dụng gì - Máy lọc nước ion kiềm
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máy lọc nước ion kiềm có tác dụng gì - Máy lọc nước ion kiềm

Máy lọc nước ion kiềm

1. Distributor information.


- Thai An Technology and Trade Co., Ltd was established in 2012. After nearly 10 years of development, Thai An is trying its best to become a leading enterprise in the field of import and export of technology products and care. Healthcare made in Japan. The company is honored to be selected as the official distributor of the EXCEL JX99,  EXCEL JX77 và  EXCEL JX55 hydrogen ion water electrolyte made in Japan by International Impart Co., Ltd.

- Thai An Technology and Trade Co., Ltd always pursues the goal of sustainable development, fastest supply, best service, highest efficiency and above all the mission of bringing good water solutions to the community. through the hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water product line EXCEL- IMPART.

2. Production group information.


- Being a reputable brand, famous for quality, durability and leading technology pioneer in Japan.

- Impart was established in 1985, specializes in producing alkaline ion-rich water generator Hydrogen rich. With the motto "creating the perfect value of drinking water", Japanese companies are constantly striving to provide the best products for users.

- With nearly 40 industry-leading experiences, Impart only focuses on manufacturing and developing unique health products that are EXCEL brand hydrogen ion electrolytic and mineral water purification equipment. The device always holds a firm position in the heart of people - Japan and is considered a respectable Sumo in the kangen water electrolytic industry of Japan and is also popular in the US, Korea, Dubai, Singapore, Austria. , Germany, Belgium, Netherlands ...

- Impart always prides itself on the company's philosophy - "Mutual prosperity and intellectual harmony".

3. Which manufacturer should buy alkaline water purifier from?

- There are many different hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water purifiers on the market, so choosing to buy from any brand is a relatively difficult question. The decision to buy a machine will be based on the following factors:

- Should buy machines made from countries with high technology level, strict quality control process such as Japan, America ... In these countries, most manufacturers must obtain quality management certificates. ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management certificate

- Ask the supplier to present documents proving the legality of the product such as the certificate of origin, the ISO certificate, the certificate of free sale of the product of the regulator in the country where the alkaline ion machine is manufactured ...

- Visit the showroom to experience the product, measure the indices in alkaline ionized water such as the amount of hydrogen molecule, the pH, the antioxidant ORP index to evaluate the quality of the machine.

- Should buy products from brands that have genuine supply and warranty systems in Vietnam to enjoy preferential warranty and after-sales service.

- Should choose to buy products from manufacturers with many years of in-depth experience in the field of manufacturing hydrogen-rich alkaline water purifiers because there are now many new brands from different manufacturing industries. to manufacture hydrogen-rich alkali ion water purifier.

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4. How are electrodes in the excel alkaline water purifier cleaned?

- Excel alkaline ion water purifiers are used automatic electrode cleaning technology by reversing the electrode. This technology is the most advanced and is exclusive to IMPART. S

5. There are several methods for cleaning electrodes in alkaline water purifiers?

Currently, alkali ion water purifiers on the market use three popular cleaning technologies as follows:

1. Automatically clean the electrode with acid water in the machine. The electrode is automatically cleaned by the acid water generated in the machine which is washed onto the electrode surface after each machine cycle produces hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water. This method helps users not need to waste time monitoring the periodic cleaning of the electrode as the method of using chemicals and also does not have to spend time buying cleaning chemicals.

2. Manual cleaning using chemicals to clean the electrode. When using the machine, the user must periodically add chemicals to clean the electrolytic chamber inside the machine, which should be done at regular intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

3. Automatically clean the electrode by reversing the electrode automatically. During operation, the electrode is automatically reversed negative (-) positive (+) continuously, making it impossible for minerals to stick to the electrode surface. This is the most advanced cleaning technology today and is being applied to its machines by IMPART Company

6. What materials are electrodes in Excel alkaline ion machine made of, where?

 The electrode material is Titanium with Platinum coating which is produced based on thermal decomposition technology, which is the core technology and exclusive of IMPART., Ltd.

- The electrode is stable under conditions of high current density from 6 kA / m2 or more.
- When the electric current is reversed, the electrode still maintains stable operation.
The electrode material has a very high purity and purity, does not affect the performance of the pure filter in the alkaline ion machine.
Electrode material and coating are absolutely safe for the human body.

7. What is the most suitable input water for an alkaline water purifier?

- The most ideal input source water for hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water purifiers is tap water that has been treated at the water plant.

- If the house does not have a total water filtration system, we need to install an external pre-filter system before going into the machine to ensure safety.

8. What is the manifestation of the body when drinking alkaline water for a long time?

 When the body has started to get used to the daily supply of hydrogen-rich alkaline ionic water, there is generally no unusual phenomenon.

However, due to the mechanism of neutralizing excess acids in the body as well as the charge balance to fight oxidation of free radicals, some people experience dry lips and slightly dehydrated when not drinking. Hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water. This phenomenon is completely normal, should drink regularly and enough from 1.5 to 2 liters of hydrogen-rich alkaline water per day, drink slowly and divide into small sips so that water is more easily absorbed from the cells in the muscle. your body in the best way.

9. What are the side effects when starting to drink alkaline water?

 - When starting to drink hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water, in the first days depending on the level of acid in your body, the following symptoms may appear such as: mild headache, fatigue, pain in the abdomen, pain muscle aches, runny nose, other flu-like symptoms.

In addition, your stools will be darker in color, have a more unpleasant smell, or beat more defecated. All of these symptoms are completely normal because they are directly related to the detoxification of your body because hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water is penetrating deeply into the body tissues, eliminating acid waste and toxins. accumulates in your body over time.
These side effects will gradually decrease as the body gets used to the alkaline hydrogen-rich water Excel, it can last from 2 to 3 days depending on the individual and the level of detoxification the body needs to undergo.

10. What pH should I choose when I start drinking alkaline water?

- When you first start drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water, in the first week, the body should get used to gradually starting from level 1 (pH 8.5 - 9.0). As the body gets used to it, from week two can move up to level 2 (pH 9.0 - 9.3) and then to level 3 (pH 9.3 - 9.5) at the third week.

- Level 4 (pH greater than 10) should not be used as daily drinking water due to the very high pH, ​​this alkaline level is only suitable for soaking vegetables and fruits before processing.

People who are sick, the elderly or those whose body is highly acidic need more time for the body to adapt to each level of alkalinity, so these subjects should allow 2 weeks for all pH levels.

- Which pH level of alkaline water ionic water to use depends on many factors, after installation, the company's consultant will advise specifically what alkaline level is most suitable for you.

11. Does the body become overly controlled when using alkaline water every day?

 - The answer is NO, our body has been accumulating acid passively for decades, so the amount of excess acid in the body is abundant.

- Moreover, our bodies become more and more acidified because the food we eat every day, such as meats, alcohol are acidic, due to nervous stress (stress), caused by air pollution. …. all of these are acidic
For optimal health, we should maintain a pH balanced diet that includes alkaline water, alkaline foods like fruits, nuts and vegetables.

12. Is alkaline water used to wash or soak food?

 - One of the precious features of the Excel alkaline water generator is to very well remove the residue of plant protection drugs in vegetables and fruits.

- To clean bacteria as well as chemical residues on the surface of vegetables, roots, fruits, rice, meat, fish ... before using, wash with mild acid water (level 1). Then soak the food in hydrogen-rich alkaline water at the highest level (level 4 with pH = 10.5 ~ 11.5) for 5 - 15 minutes before cooking or cooking.

13. Is alkaline water used for medicine and milk preparation?

 - When taking medicine and making milk, we use neutral water with pH = 7, because when using neutral water it will be like the filtered water we often use, it will have no side effects, no loss of taste. , or altering substances in drugs, in milk.

- After taking the drug, you can continue to use hydrogen-rich alkaline water, but should be about 2 hours away from the time of taking the drug to ensure the body's ability to absorb the drug.

14. Does drinking alkaline water have a different taste than normal water?

Thanks to the micro structure of water molecules, alkaline water rich in hydrogen, when drinking, feels softer, miner than normal water. At the same time, due to being rich in minerals, water has a natural sweet taste like rain water.

- Due to the hydration mechanism, hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water when used to make tea, coffee or cooking rice and food makes the taste of food and drinks more delicious.

15. Is the water from the alkaline ionizer drinkable directly?

 - Alkaline ionized water can be drunk directly without boiling to ensure the properties of alkalinity, ORP index, hydrogen molecular density (H2) in water (except alkaline ionized water when used for cooking. If you eat, you need to heat it)

- The factory recommends drinking water as soon as possible, when it is boiled, it retains minerals and alkalis in the machine, while the hydrogen will be slightly evaporated during boiling

16. How to prevent free radicals and against oxidation and acidification of the body?

 - Free radicals and body acidification are not only produced from internal metabolic processes, but also formed under the influence of external factors such as environmental pollution, alcohol, tobacco smoke. , chemicals, trauma, infections, nervous stress, stress ... Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the impact of these factors.

- Diet should avoid foods that can increase free radicals and reduce body acidification such as animal fats, canned foods, fast foods, foods high in sugar ...
- Regular exercise and keeping the spirit happy and comfortable also helps to limit free radicals and reduce acids in the body.
- In the daily diet, should enhance herbs, fruits and vegetables because this is a rich source of substances that fight free radicals and alkalosis to help the body increase defense. free radical scavenging and pH balance effectively.
- Hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water can help balance the pH, fight free radicals in the body thanks to its strong alkalinity, and contain many molecules of hydrogen gas (H2) that supply electrons to free radicals. hydroxyl form (OH) is a substance that lacks electrons. This neutralizes and neutralizes free radicals before they damage cells and DNA.
So, the fastest way to balance the internal pH and anti-oxidant is to drink active hydrogen-rich alkaline water every day to enhance health, prevent disease, maintain beauty and prolong age. youth

17. How is the antioxidant effect of hydrogen gas entering the body?

 - In 2007, the research group of Dr. Shigeo Ohta - Department of Biochemistry and Cell, Nippon Medical University, Japan, published in Nature Medicine journal to study hydrogen gas (H2) as an antioxidant. So what is the characteristic of molecular hydrogen?

- Molecular hydrogen is the smallest and lightest chemical component, so it is very easy to penetrate the cell membrane and penetrate into the cell, the molecular hydrogen cleans bad free radicals as hydroxyl (OH), intact the main cause of cancer.

18. What causes free radicals, oxidation and excess acid in the body?

 - Environmental pollution, stress, food additives, harmful substances in cosmetics, cigarettes, alcohol, soft drinks, fast foods, foods high in sugar, high in protein, overuse of pharmaceuticals ... are the main causes of free radicals and oxidation as well as excess acidity in the body.

- According to scientists, free radicals as well as excess acid in the body can be the culprits causing over 200 diseases, most notably: atherosclerosis, cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cataracts crystals, diabetes, unexplained high blood pressure, cirrhosis ...
- To prevent as well as eliminate free radicals, the excess acid in our body has many ways to do it, but the simplest way is to use alkaline water.

19. How to know the body excess ACID?

 - The outward signs that indicate excess acidity of the body are as follows: Unexplained rash, acne, dark circles under the eyes, chapped skin, fractured nails, overweight, muscle pain, weak bones , dental health goes down.

Other signs include digestive upset, stomach upset, nervousness, irritability, food sensitivity, allergies, recurrent infections, fatigue, insomnia, and depression.
- Where the body excess acid can cause disease there, for example, excess stomach acid causes stomach disease. Excess of uric acid causes gout

20. What is free radicals, how does oxidation work?

 Normally, our body's molecules or atoms are in equilibrium. During metabolism, due to factors inside or outside the body, some molecules or atoms lose one of the outermost electrons (electrons) and are called free radicals.

- Due to the loss of electrons, the free radicals are very unstable and always tend to take over electrons from neighboring structures, creating a series of new free radicals in a chain reaction that damages the cell membrane molecules, proteins and even DNA… As a result, there are damaging changes, dysfunction, or even cell death. This process, called body oxidation, will eventually lead to aging and the source of disease.

21. What is pH?

 PH is a measure of acidity or alkalinity, and includes 14 scales ranging from 0 to 14

pH = 7.0 neutral
- pH <7.0 is acidic, the smaller the pH, the stronger the acidity.
- pH> 7.0 is alkaline, the greater the pH, the higher it is.

22. Why do I have 1 filter, not 2?

- That is a great advantage of the machine, If through too many filtration levels, the filtered water will lose many minerals, but minerals are essential elements for the electrolysis machine.

- In addition, with two filters showing that the filter is not good, it is necessary to have 2 filters, or each time the machine is changed, consumers will have to spend more for 2 filters.

23. Why is it white in the cup after 1-2 days?

 - It is one of the 4 advantages of the machine, this property is Rich in natural minerals: the white color is calcium, it works to prevent osteoporosis.

- Therefore, the elderly or people with osteoporosis should drink this water to replenish the body to make their bones stronger.

24. Is there a tutorial or just a video tutorial?

After installation, the company's consultant will provide specific instructions, or the company will send the video for me to review, here is a preliminary use:


Note: Need to gradually increase the alkalinity level in the order of pH and a certain time. Here's how to drink alkaline ionized water for better health.

• Level 1: pH ~ 8.5 - 9.0: You can start drinking level 1 alkaline ionized water for 1 week before drinking alkaline water with higher pH.

• Level 2: pH ~ 9.0 - 9.3: After drinking level 1, switch to this level 2

• Level 3: pH ~ 9.3 - 9.5: Level 3 is the best alkaline, detoxifying and richest antioxidant hydrogen level. Maintain this level for lasting results.

• Level 4: pH ~ 9.5-9.9 (the level only available in the FX machine): Level 4 is the level of alkalinity used to process dishes such as: boiled, fried, steamed, stocked ... and made Reduce the acridness of some vegetables

Time Drink water like

Immediately upon wake up Drinking 1 glass of alkaline ionized water right after waking up in the morning when the stomach is empty will help activate internal organs, purify the body, regain energy, promote digestion. , increase resistance, increase metabolism.

9:00 Drink a second drink, starting the working day. It is about 1 hour and 30 minutes after breakfast, there is 1 glass of water

11:30 Drinking alkaline water 30 minutes before lunch is good for the digestive system

14:00 Drink alkaline water 1 - 2 hours after lunch to help absorb nutrients from food better.

15:00 Drink 1 glass of alkaline ionized water to help the body awake, increase concentration for work

17:00 Drinking 1 glass of alkaline water will help you avoid overeating in the evening

20:00 Drinking 1 glass of alkaline ionized water 1-2 hours after dinner and before showering will help stabilize blood pressure

22:00 Before going to bed drinking 1 glass of alkaline ionized water will help prevent stroke and heart attack, support the regeneration of cells during sleep.

25. Can I try it?

 - Because the product is related to installation, there is no trial policy, but if the customer wants to use it, they can go to the company every day to get water to try it within 1 week (normally water sells 50k / 1). liter)

26. Safe for children and the elderly, when using 2 taps at the same time?

 - The default is to use the upper tap, but the tap is quite small, so it is rarely used. Therefore, it is very safe for the elderly and children

- If you drink the wrong acid water, it doesn't matter, because it's just like drinking Coca or Pepsi water.

27. Using electricity or not? And if you use it, will it waste more electricity? And is it safe?

 - The machine uses 220v electricity to use like other household appliances, the cost of electricity is very low because the capacity is only 160W / 1 hour.

28. How to install?

 There are two ways to put it directly on the kitchen counter or hang it on the wall, before the technician of the company will go through the current situation first to know the situation.

29. Warranty, machine life like?

- The machine is warranted according to the manufacturer in Japan for 5 years.

- About the electrode plate (considered as the heart of the machine) is made of a precious material called Titanium coated with Platium (Or called white gold) which is an inert material, almost not damaged, the life of the machine depends very much. so much in the electrode so it has a very long life (estimated to be 20-30 years).

30. How long does the water last and how many liters per minute?

 Continuous flow time 40 minutes, speed over 4 liters / minute, is almost the largest in current models

31. How is the natural micro-mineral supplement machine different from other brands?

The machine has 1 filter with the following floors:

- Level 1: Coral sand is a fossil form of coral that includes 21 types of natural minerals necessary for the human body, calcium, sodium, and potassium .... The high mineral release turns the filtered water into mineral water close to natural mineral water.

- Level 2: Contains pure natural ceramics, with very high radiation and UV-wave measurement value, which converts tap water into strong anti-oxidant water.

- 3rd floor: Tourmaline rock in the filter core is like "MACHINE" that produces magic ions, permanently emits natural state electrons, increases negative ions due to the impact of electrolysis.

- Some other brands use the filter made of the hollow fiber membrane technology made from ultra-fine polyethylene material. This material does not have the function of mineral addition.

32. How to clean / How is the electrode cleaning mechanism?

 - This is an automatic intensive cleaning technology by reversing the electrode to keep the electrode clean, Ban is negatively charged, creating alkaline ionized water that is reversed to a positive charge to create acid ion water, acid ion water. clean the electrode plate

33. Raw filters must be purchased? After how long to replace 1 time?

- Currently the company is donating raw filters to customers.

- Time to replace from 12-18 months depending on the filter.

34. What is the difference between EXCEL JX-55, EXCEL JX-77 and EXCEL JX-99 series?

 - Basically all models produce very healthy alkaline ionized water, are made in Japan and have the same household medical device certification, all of which have the main parameters. after
• Wide spectrum LED display mode - ORP
• Continuous flow time: 40 min
• Electrode plate: Three platinum-coated titanium electrode plates
• Family Medical Equipment Certification Number issued by JET Japan: 219AKBZX00150000
• Maximum power consumption: 160W
• Size: W 250mm × H 309mm × D 133.6mm
• Weight: 3.2Kg
• Standard cartridge: IEC-8000 (filter cartridge is 12000 liters)
- Parameters such as power consumption, size and weight are similar to the SX machine
- The JX 77 series adds the function of creating strong acidic water with pH 3.5 to disinfect, clean the tools, and the strong alkaline pH 10.5 is used to soak vegetables and fruits to remove chemical residues, cook dishes stew, reduce the acrid taste in the fruit
- Medical Equipment Certification Number issued by JET Japan: 219AKBZX00149000
Standard filter element: IEC-12000 (Filter element 12,000 liters)
- JX 99series: There is a function of super strong acid ion pH 2.4 (HCLO acid, acid hipochlorous acid) used to disinfect wounds, disinfect equipment, clean stubborn stains. Super alkaline water pH 11.6 is used to soak fruit, remove harmful chemical residues, clean grease ... (Usually used for clinics)

35. Differences from products of other parties

1) MADE IN JAPAN product.
2) The machine is manufactured by International Impart Co., Ltd. The Group only focuses on research and production of hydrogen-rich alkaline ion-electrolytic mineral water equipment, so the resulting products are always taken care of, with the highest technological and technical quality.
3) Received certification as a home medical device in Japan.
4) Core natural mineral stone filter.
• The Excel electrolyte is the ONLY product line with a 6-stage superior filter structure from a combination of 4 natural ores, activated carbon and a new generation of mechanical filters, increasing the ability to filter, retain all natural minerals. The fine filter core consists of 6 high efficiency filters with a lifespan of up to 12,000 liters.
• Tap water through the fine filter will be removed 13 types of impurities according to JIS standards and 6 types of dirt according to Japanese JWPA standards including: residual chlorine, trihalomethane, dissolved lead, simazine ...
5) The electrode plate has the largest area of ​​any electrolyte available today
• Excel electrolyte possesses 5 Electrodes of precious materials: Platium coated titanium.
• The electrode plate of the Excel machine has a contact surface area of ​​up to 750 cm2, the largest of any electrolyte available today.
• Outstanding electrolysis capacity creates alkaline ionized water at a rate of over 4 liters / min, almost the fastest in today's electrolytes.
6) Excel's exclusive dual electrolysis technology: 4.0 generation technology, intelligent DUAL Electrolysis, Excel exclusive. When Excel electrolysis technology was born, it was a solution to help create quality alkaline ionized water with high hydrogen concentration; same fast electrolysis speed
7) Self cleaning of the electrode: In particular, the intensive cleaning technology automatically by reversing the electrode helps the electrode always clean, durable and achieve the highest performance. To achieve the same durability as Impart machines, machines often have to use chemicals for deep cleaning every 6 months to 1 year.
8) Smart processor, save power
9) 40 minutes continuous flow time (nearest largest market)
10) Beautiful design, compact, delicate, durable

11) Stable alkaline and rich in Hydrogen 

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36. What diseases does alkaline water prevent and support?

1. Water is a good drinking water, suitable for daily drinking to improve health, strengthen the immune system (hydrogen-rich alkaline water can prevent diarrhea, prevent digestive disorders, prevent abnormal stomach enzymes and anti-acid residue ...)
2. Stimulate bowel movement, improve digestion, prevent hemorrhoids and colorectal problems.
3. Neutralizes excess acid, reduces fatigue
4. Neutralizes free radicals, slows down the aging process (by preventing the multiplication of free radicals), Reduces pigmentation and freckles
5. Prevent and support treatment of many chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, stomach pain, osteoporosis (Significantly reduce calcium excretion and reduce bone resorption to prevent , aid in improving osteoporosis)
6. Healthy weight loss (normal water, then open above, if you add this water, it will open to dissolve, reduce cholesterol), hydrogen has the effect of absorbing glucose
7. Reduce nocturia, when you urinate at night, it will help you lose sleep => After drinking, you will help you lose sleep
8. Reduce kidney stones (erode a stone)
In addition, water also works:
9. Disinfect wounds, disinfect, clean medical equipment, tools, and wash stubborn stains
10. Used to rinse your mouth, wash your hands, help prevent tooth decay, deodorize, prevent diseases spread through the upper respiratory tract and through contact.
11. Used to cook rice, make tea and coffee to increase the sweetness of the rice, keep the flavor and color of the tea
12. For the processing of boiled, fried, steamed, stewed, brewed, alcohol-balanced dishes
13. Used to soak vegetables, fruit, food, before processing, to remove residues of chemicals, preservatives and toxins
14. Clean grease from dishes and cooking utensils, remove stains from clothes.
15. Use face wash, bath, help skin smooth, beautiful, prevent acne, wash hair, make hair soft and smooth
16. Use stabilize skin after shaving, boiled eggs, boiled noodles, vermicelli to make fibers more elastic and firm
17. Soak and wash the fried foods before processing so that the surface is golden, crispy, not sticking to the frying pan
18. Used to prepare infant formula (Milk is not clumped when mixed because it has a very small water molecule), medicine, decoction 

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37. Who should use this machine?

- Currently, water, air and food in Vietnam are heavily polluted. Vegetables, fruits and foods are abused by many pesticides, preservatives, and chemicals. They are the cause of many types of diseases of digestion, stomach, hemorrhoids, colon, blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, gout, stomach pain, osteoporosis ...

- Moreover, health is the most precious thing of human, so anyone who is interested in the most precious should use it, after using water, our family will be younger, healthier, more beautiful and live a long life. thanks to the 4 distinct properties of alkaline ionized water as follows:


1) Water with a strong antioxidant index will help us to BE YOUNG, LONG-AGE, LIFE BETTER.

2) Natural alkaline water helps us to LIFE healthier

3) Water has a cluster of micro molecules, which helps to flush toxins at the cellular level, cleans the body from the inside to be MORE BEAUTIFUL everyday

4) Water rich in natural minerals: helps bones and joints be flexible, supple and strong

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38. How is alkaline water produced in the machine?

- The tap water, after being cleaned by the pre-filter system, will enter the electrolysis chamber with direct current, consisting of positive and negative electrode plates
- At the cathode (-) water will be taken through a separate tap. This alkaline water is alkaline ionized water, it has many minerals necessary for the body such as Ca + ions, K + ions, Na + ions, H + ions ...
- At the anode (+) water is taken out by a separate acidic hose.

39. What is the product used for and what features do it stand out?

1) The simple electric water generator Hydrogen-rich alkaline water has 4 outstanding advantages compared to ordinary water:

a) Rich in alkalinity: Neutralizes excess acids, pathogenic free radicals and balances pH in the body.

b) High antioxidant capacity: Rich in hydrogen, when entering the body, will creep into every corner of the body to find harmful oxidants and destroy them. When harmful oxidants disappear, our bodies will be healthy, slow down the aging process, prevent many dangerous chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, gout ...

c) Micro water molecule structure:

- This special structure helps alkaline water to penetrate more strongly and faster than normal water, helping to transport nutrients very quickly and efficiently to cells.

- Helps cells to cleanse, purify harmful residues, detoxify alcohol

d) Rich in natural micronutrients: Drinking water is full of natural minerals necessary for the body, helping the body to be healthy, strengthening the immune system, building body tissues, supplementing calcium and preventing osteoporosis.

2) Light acid ion water generator (pH 5.5): Similar to the pH outside the body, it is suitable for washing the face, bathing, having mild antibacterial effects, cleansing the skin and tightening holes. hair roots, clean hair and support the treatment of skin diseases.

3) Strong acid ion water generator (pH 2,4-3,5): Has strong antiseptic and antiseptic properties, used to clean virus-rich objects, bacteria, children's toys, housewares cooking, cooking ... This water is also used to disinfect mouth rinses, to aid in treating canker sores, dental problems (similar to normal saline).

4) Strong alkaline water generator (pH 10.5-11.6): For soaking vegetables, fruits and vegetables. Help fresh food cleaner, remove acrid, fruit sap, remove some pesticides on vegetables and fruits ...

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